Gork Amun

Male Gobber Intellectual Investigator/Pistoleer


NAME WITH ALIASES: Gork Amun @ Gork-Urgua-Gurlig-Amun.
FATHER’S NAME: Gurlig [dec.]
MOTHER’S NAME: Urgua [wherabouts unk.]
DATE OF BIRTH [AGE]/DR: 49lbs, 37" tall, Green Skin, Fresh Scar on Torso [runs from upper throat to chest]
TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Merchant Passport (Issued by Fellig Guard Captain Gaspar Lioni)
CLOSE ASSOCIATES: Balasar Dogalus, Tiberio Antelero, Rhulo


  • He is believed to have been a key planner and participant in the sacking of Khadoran-held Northguard in 608 A.R.
  • He is credited with the inception of a highly-effective urban disruption tactic, codenamed ‘Street Ball,’ used to substantial detrimental effect in the days before the fall of Fellig.

*Gork is assumed to have contacts with organized crime syndicates and smuggling rings in both northern Cygnar and Ord.

Gork Amun

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