Runeplates are the surfaces on which magical runic formulae are inscribed. They are created from rare magically attuned materials that can harness powerful arcane energy. Mechanika runes are the magical formulae inscribed onto runeplates. These runes transform the magical energy charging the runeplate into arcane effects. Each rune is a true expression of the arcane mechanik’s craft, and the inscription of different runes upon powerful runeplates allows for almost unlimited combinations of arcane effects.

Rune Points

Each mechanika rune has an associated rune point value that describes its complexity. The more complex the rune, the higher its rune point value. Each runeplate can have up to five points of runes. Rune points are also a measure of the amount of power output required from the device’s capacitor to power the runeplate. Take care to make sure that the power source can in fact power the plate. Few power sources can accommodate five points of power.

Purchasing a Runeplate
A character purchasing a runeplate can buy it with runes already inscribed, or he can inscribe it himself. The cost of a blank runeplate is 10 gc. The cost of each rune is described below. Remember that all runes on a single runeplate must be of the same type.

Inscribing a Runeplate

A runeplate can be inscribed with any number of runes with a total rune point value of five. All the runes inscribed on the plate must be of the same type (melee weapon, armor, and so on) A runeplate inscribed with a mix of rune types does not function and is a waste of time and resources. For example, a runeplate that is inscribed with a mix of both armor and melee weapon runes will not function.
To inscribe a runeplate, a character must have the Mechanikal Engineering skill and the Inscribe Formulae ability.
Inscribing a rune takes one week per rune point. Once this time has passed, the player makes an INT + Mechanikal Engineering roll to determine success. The difficulty number for this roll is equal to 12 + the rune’s point value. A character who takes his time and spends an additional week inscribing his plate gains +2 to his roll. If the roll succeeds, the character has inscribed the rune on the plate. If the roll fails, the character must carefully and painstakingly correct his inscription. After a week of laborious refinement, the character can attempt this roll again.
If a runeplate has not reached its rune point allowance in runes, it can have additional runes inscribed on it.
The following attributes define runeplates in the game.

Type: A runeplate inscribed with runes of more than one type does not function.
Cost: This is the cost of the rune already inscribed on a runeplate, in Cygnaran gold crowns (gc). This cost is in addition to the cost of the plate itself.
Rune Points: This is the number of rune points the rune takes up on a runeplate.
Effect: This is the effect of the rune in the game.


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