Immoren Liberation Front

DATE: Donard 6th, Trineus 609 A.R.

MEMORANDUM TO: Scout General Bolden Rebald

FROM: Lt. Amery Calvirt, CRS

SUBJECT: The Immoren Liberation Front

SUMMARY PROFILE: The Immoren Liberation Front is a rumored affiliate of the Cygnaran Reconaissance Service, until recent days chiefly serving as saboteurs bent on destabilizing Khadoran holdings in and around the nation of Ord.


  • Gork, an orphan Gobber with ties to criminal elements in Merin, Five Fingers, and Fellig. Uncouth, unpredictable, and unflappable.
  • Balasar Dogalus, Trollkin deserter formerly of the Arcane Tempest division and Cygnaran First Army, 4th Division, 3rd brigade, 61st regiment, 2nd Specialist battalion, 14th platoon.
  • Rhulo, final scion of a supposedly cursed Rhulic family, shadowed by a mysterious conspiracy.
  • Tiberio Antelero, gentleman explorer based out of a sponsor in Merin. Rumored to have ties to Thamarite cells.


  • Godwyn Martyn, Exiled Llaelese noble youth; immediate family deceased, potential filial connection to Corvis asset. Currently apprenticed to/adopted by Balasar Dogalus.
  • Harrow Han,
  • Walden, mercenary rifleman, formerly of the Steelheads. Most recently in the employ of Captain Killgrave in Five Fingers.


  • Amador Lioni – Ordic guardsman of the Merin city watch, engaged in adulterous romantic dalliance with Caitlin Lioni, his brother’s wife. Hired the Subjects to investigate series of disturbances in Merin.
  • Bobbert Kinnet – Private of the CRS, stationed in Merin. Balasar Dogalus’ handler.
  • Colm Doyle – Cygnaran deserter, hermit/hunter in the Blindwater. Companion to Wanjin.
  • Gaspar Lioni – Ordic guardsman of the Fellig city watch, currently engaged in romantic dalliance with Llaelese Exile Matylda Faryll. Hired the Subjects to investigate Faryll, then again to uncover recent assassination plot in Fellig.
  • Mateo Scali – Captain of river freighter Castra, suspected smuggler. Gave Subjects passage into occupied Llael, in the area of Northguard.
  • Padri Duranti – Ordic nobleman, manor in Merin, estate outside Armandor. Patron of Antelero.
  • Wanjin – Gatorman bokor, representative of the Blindwater Congregation. Full extend of connection with Subjects unknown, belief is that has hired as a guide for Subjects through Blindwater Swamp.

Immoren Liberation Front

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