Ruler: Fellig City Council, Commander Caralo Allesari (Ordic Army), General Dargus Mathern (Cygnar Army)

Population: 38,900


  • 2 Battalions (1800 Soldiers), Cygnaran First Army, 4th Division
    • Long Gunners, Trenchers, Specialists
  • 1 Brigade (10,000 Soldiers), Ordic Shield Division

Notable Residents:

  • Ambroz Lozar, Khadoran merchant and suspected Kayazy boss.
  • Amery Calvirt, Captain, Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, stationed/stranded in the city.
  • Caralo Allisari, Ordic Commander, ostensively in charge of the defense of the city.
  • Casner Ellsworth, proprietor of the Shining Goblet.
  • Dargus Mathern, Cygnaran General, ostensively in charge of the defense of the city.
  • Dmitri Blizbor, Kayazy underling, likely working under Ambroz.
  • Doyle Lamson, Llaelese refugee, former priest. Purportedly still has family in the Resistance.
  • Faro Degrata, local street thug with bad instincts and worse luck, currently working for Dmitri.
  • Gaspar Lioni, Lieutenant of the residing Ordic Shield Guard, responsible for keeping the peace inside the city.
  • Matylda Faryll, angelic Llaelese refugee, former nobility, attempting to do right by the people upon whose backs her family built their wealth.

Notable Locations:

Aluminum Harlot – A tavern and inn that has been requisitioned by the Ordic military to house their officers. Gaspar Lioni resides here.
Emerald Shield – A favorite tavern for Ordic military, Shield Guard members automatically are approved for tabs.
Kindly Fighter – Northern tavern that caters almost exclusively to Trollkin mercenaries and the occasional Ogrun merchant guard that comes to the city.
Rusty Spiggot – A few buildings down from the Aluminum Harlot, houses mercenaries and flush Ordic and Cygnaran soldiers.
Shining Goblet – A higher-class inn servicing wealthy merchants and Llaelese nobility (those that can pay, at least). Matylda Faryll currently resides here.
Wandering Sparrow – A popular inside/outside bistro that mostly services wealthy merchants. Hired muscle is stationed to ‘discourage’ panhandling.

Featured In:

Prelude: For the Love of a Good Woman
Session 8: Old Friends


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