Some attacks cause special effects in addition to causing damage. Additionally, some spells and actions can put special effects into play.

Cloud Effects

A cloud effect produces an area of dense smoke, magical darkness, thick mists, or the like that remains in play for a specified length of time. Use an AOE template of the appropriate diameter to represent the cloud. Every character with any part of its base covered by the cloud’s template is within the cloud and susceptible to its effects.

In addition to being affected by a cloud’s special rules, a character inside a cloud effect gains concealment whether he took cover or not. The cloud effect does not block line of sight from characters within it to those outside of it, but it completely obstructs line of sight from characters outside of it to anything beyond it. A character has Line of Sight into or out of a cloud effect but not through one.

Continuous Effects

Some attacks cause continuous effects in addition to causing damage. Continuous effects remain on a character and have the potential to damage or affect him in some other way on subsequent turns. A character can have multiple continuous effects on him of different types at the same time, but can have only one of each continuous effect type on him at a time.

Continuous effects have a chance of expiring each round. Check for expiration of continuous effects at the start of the affected character’s Maintenance Phase each turn.

To check for the expiration, roll a d6. If the result is a 1 or 2, the continuous effect immediately expires without further effect. On a roll of 3, 4, 5, or 6 the continuous effect remains in play. After rolling for expiration for all of the continuous effects affecting a character, apply the effects of all continuous effects that remain on him simultaneously.

Continuous Effects Outside Combat
If a character suffers the effects of a continuous effect outside combat, check for expiration every minute. If the continuous effect does not expire, apply its effects.

Critical Effects

A critical hit occurs if any two dice in the attack roll show the same number and the attack hits. As a result of a critical hit, some attacks cause critical effects in addition to causing damage. The target suffers the special effect even if it takes no damage from the damage roll. An AOE attack’s critical effect functions only on a direct hit, but every character under the template suffers the critical effect.


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