Every mechanikal device requires a power source to fuel its runeplate. Though capacitors technically function very differently, each is designed to provide energy to the item it powers.

The amount of energy a capacitor stores depends on the capacitor. The rate the energy is consumed depends on the item’s runeplate and how it is used.

Cost: This is the cost of the capacitor in Cygnaran gold crowns (gc).
Power Output: This is an abstract measure of the number of rune points (p. 284) the capacitor can power at a time. If a mechanikal device’s runes require more power than the available capacitor, the device does not function.
Lifespan: This is the length of time the capacitor can be expected to continue reliably providing its power output.
Description: This is a description of the capacitor.
Special Rules: This section describes any special rules of the
Fabrication Requirements: These are skills and abilities required to fabricate the capacitor. A character without all the skills listed automatically fails in his attempt to fabricate the capacitor.
Material Cost: This is the cost for the materials required to fabricate the capacitor.
Fabrication Rules: These are rules for building the capacitor once the character has the materials at hand.

Making It All Fit

The capacitor descriptions below are written in broad strokes and do not take into account the specific sizes and shapes of capacitors required to fit into a given housing. Unless it was created in a military arms factory that takes care to standardize its production, each piece of mechanika is unique, a device of art as much as science. There are no general stores selling ready-to- fit-all capacitors. Instead, each capacitor is crafted to fit the housing of the device it was designed to power. As a result, unless a character purchases a capacitor at the same time he buys the device’s housing, he has to have the capacitor custom-fit to his housing. The same is true of buying replacement capacitors. Custom-fitting a capacitor does not cost anything additional but is simply rolled into the cost of doing business. Custom-fitting a capacitor can take considerable time.

That said, a skilled mechanik can bodge together almost any piece of mechanika with a capacitor of any size with a little time, some coupling tubing, and a successful Mechanikal Engineering roll (target number 14). If the roll succeeds, the ill-fitting capacitor powers the device but it is unbalanced and haphazard in appearance. Any rolls to use the device, such as attacks made with an unbalanced mechanikal weapon, are made at –1.


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